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The making of a Dream: What makes ‘Museum Hotel George Molfetas’ unique. Part IIII


My care for my guests is such as it would be if they would visit my home: because this is my home!
It is not surprising, therefore, that I will make sure that you will be picked at the airport either by myself or my friends in the car hire that will guide you on how to get to the hotel without having the risk of being ripped off by anonymous taxi drivers or extortive priced car hires.
It is my pleasure to sit after I make sure that you have one of the most healthy and sumptuous breakfasts and make plans on your daily explorations of the superb sites of Cephalonia..
It is, finally, the utmost of joys when we steal sometime and we can talk, exchange views and dream about our world that was, is and we dream it to be, along with the other guests that you will be introduced to upon arrival.
Because this is the greatest of my ambitions: to feel the warmth and the reassurance of human contact, the invaluable gift



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